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C3 Solutions

C3 Solutions is entirely run off ZOHO applications for every aspect of our business giving us experience in almost all ZOHO applications.


From support to customer and project management we use ZOHO to keep organized and keep our projects on track.


From the finance portal to our subscription plans and HST filings, ZOHO helps C3 stay up to date.

Apps We Use Below

RCI Studios

RCI leverages ZOHO Projects and automation systems.


Through the power of Excel and some fancy custom programming we have automated the creation of projects and other items inside ZOHO.

Save time and prevent errors

The new process saves time and prevents errors from occurring during the complex quoting and project creation processes.

Apps We've Implemented Below

Eco Advantage Energy Advisors

Organizing all the various energy programs available and clients is a challenge. CRM was up to the task.


Several custom CRM modules keeps information organized and linking to forms with prefilled data makes sure information is linked properly.

Prevent GIGO

C3 has the expertise to ensure that data is store properly in CRM, or any system, to prevent GIGO (garbage in garbage out).

Apps We've Implemented Below

PEC Chamber of Commerce

We converted the PEC chamber of Commerce over from chamber master and other subscribed services completely to ZOHO and eliminated most other IT costs.

Streamline operations

By having one integrated system operations were simplified, optimized and cost effective.

Save time and money

The chamber saves around $7000 / year by reducing expenses alone. 

Apps We've Implemented Below

Pier Law

Pier Law is a boutique business immigration law firm that provides US and Canadian business immigration legal advice.

Forms to CRM

Advanced forms were created to gather complex information from clients. Upon completion the forms are converted to custom CRM modules.


ZOHO Flow plays a pivotal roles in streamlining the business process.

Apps We've Implemented Below

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