about c3 solutions

our mantra

Never build a limitation in up front.

Building and implementing software is not just a skill it is an art. However not all art stands the test of time. C3 brings decades of experience working within tight budgets to build smartly designed and long lasting solutions.

"Originally from Ontario, my wife and I have been traveling across Canada for work for many years and in 2015 we finally moved home from Calgary and chose Picton as our place to settle. We created C3 shortly thereafter and I continue to do consulting and development work for clients across Canada as well as for local business." 

David has been building institutional software since the mid 1990's to help businesses evolve into the digital age. These systems have run, mostly, behind the curtain over decades and have touched most Canadians.

Today David brings his experience build software to C3 and the Quinte area.