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The ZOHO Solution

ZOHO One is packed full with over 50 different tightly integrated applications that can be used together to efficiently manage all aspects of your business.

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Customer Engagement

Easily manage your customers in ZOHO CRM and communicate with them through multiple methods like campaigns, classrooms, live chat and much more....

Finance & Projects

Manage your day to day accounting needs, time tracking, estimates, invoicing and project management all in one seamless system.

Human Resources

Find and manage your staff in one environment. The ZOHO HR and recruiting solution integrates directly into the permission system of ZOHO itself.

Inventory Management

Manage your warehouse inventory to sell via bricks and mortar and online. This tightly integrated system can span multiple warehouses and integrates with many eCommerce platforms.


Production & Project Management

C3 helped streamline a production process from the project estimate and project setup phase through to the manufacturing floor production almost entirely with ZOHO.

Distribution & eCommerce

Taking on a project post implementation we helped a farm business streamline internal tasks to save time.

eCommerce & Inventory

C3 is helping a business move to ZOHO the Commerce platform by extending the existing ZOHO Books and Inventory system to online sales.

Project and Process Management

C3 helps businesses implement ZOHO applications to manage to entire scope business needs. 

Why choose C3 Solutions as your ZOHO Partner?

We are programmers and are not limited to native integrations and configurable options within ZOHO.

We creatively solve problems by leveraging the multitude of ZOHO integrations and internal scripting options then blend those with external tools as needed.

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