Technical Support

Supporting a company's computer systems is an important job, one we take very seriously.

 We can help by adding complimentary services and solutions, working side by side with your staff to help protect your business from many of the risks and potential disasters that can occur.

A properly maintained technological infrastructure is key to a company’s performance, growth and success. Building it smartly saves money and, most importantly, time.

We work with you to assess your existing resources and requirements to recommend how to improve and streamline your systems for maximum flexibility and efficiency. With our many years of experience working with a variety of businesses both large and small, we can expertly guide you to have easy scalability with the best value as your business grows. 

Technology should work for you so you can focus on the important task of operating and growing your business.

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Desktop Support

Get on-demand professional expertise without the cost of taking on a full-time employee
  • Remote support for quickly solving issues
    • Save money as well
  • Onsite support for more complex problems

Maintenance & Prevention

Have a plan to continue your normal business in the event of a disaster.
  • Prevent viruses and malware from slowing your computer
  • Safeguard data and the security of sensitive information
  • Reporting and monitoring services

Backup and Recovery

Its not always about a disaster. Recover changed or deleted files .

  • Rule #1 a cloud sync is not a backup
  • Establish a reliable back-up and recovery system
  • Local backup and Cloud based solutions


We can help your business grow through smart technology selections and technical guidance.
  • Assessment of your existing systems
  • Cost effective and appropriate technology selections
  • General IT advice

onsite support

Although many questions and services can be provided remotely we are able to come onsite as necessary.

remote support

Either through on demand desktop sharing or dedicated remote access we can remotely support your servers and users.

ticketing & 

Leveraging the ZOHO Support desk we provide a full ticketing and knowledge-base solution.

It starts with a free, no obligation assessment. We will come to your business and discuss how you operate, what you require from IT and how we can be of service.

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