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  • Access all computers at the office from anywhere!

    Managed Remote Desktop

    Our Remote Desktop Access solution provides managed access to your computers from a secure web interface for all staff.

Multi User

Securely all employees to access machines at the office. 
Collaborate on the same screen.
Turn on or off access at any time.

Mobile Devices

Access your desktop from your phone while you are on the road from anywhere in the world.
(I've done this from Cuba)


Two-factor Authentication
Inactive Session Timeout
SSL and 256-bit AES encryption
Firewall Friendly

File Transfer

Easily move files between your remote and local systems.

Multi Screen

Have more than one monitor? 
No problem access them all easily with a keystroke.

Wake on LAN

Turn on your computer remotely from the web interface.
(some limitations apply)

Network Tolerant

Works well even with slow and or unreliable internet connections and speeds.

Live Support

Need help? C3 Support staff can join your remote desktop session to help in real time.

Our Remote Desktop Access (RDA) service is available as a stand alone service or part of our maintenance plans.

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